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2020-09-21 - Here is the ORIGINAL document prior to my edits to fit into three minutes. I was told when I called to ask for time I would have five minutes; when I arrived I was told the time limit was three.

It is not fair to ambush someone -- even someone you disagree with -- with a call for his resignation and removal WITHOUT specifying the charges under which you do so IN FULL. A choice had to be made; to present the primary elements of the argument, or to go directly after the Mayor's throat. I decided to present the primary elements.

Consider this folks -- what is Mayor Larry Waters real last name? Are you sure? Given the useless mask order, the proved facts on health care burden and the likely date he will drop it right at the election, are you sure he isn't really Mayor Larry DeBlasio or even Mayor Larry Lightfoot?

If you think a REPUBLICAN shouldn't behave that way since he doesn't read his email (he told me that last night) you might want to call his office and let him know.

The original presentation deck (speech plus references) is here and should be viewed along with this video.

The FRAUD has now been EXPOSED by the mainstream media and admitted to by the Nashville/Davidson County Government.

It has now been documented that Nashville and Tennessee Department of Health knowingly and intentionally concealed the fact that Covid19 is not spread to any statistical degree through hospitality businesses - specifically, bars and restaurants. In fact the largest contributing spread locations were construction sites (pit toilet port-a-potties) and nursing homes (incontinent residents), which goes back to what I have pointed out as the primary vector for this disease since February.

Youtube REMOVED this video claiming it was "Spam". It is "Spam" to use the Government's own data and their own emails from public records to document that they lied? Catching the government in a bald-faced lie now constitutes "spam" according to the media. This is what you're facing folks -- exposing government frauds is not "allowed" By our media. There is no speculation in the below video; it is all hard-sourced (with the sources included) facts.

ALL of the #MaskHole nonsense has been predicated on a knowing bald-faced LIE.
Obviously a face diaper does nothing to prevent spread of a virus in feces.

It is time to choose.
We choose freedom, or we choose destruction.
This is not about masks.
It is not only about an election.

It is about whether you will have choices.
Any choices.

It is about whether your children will have choices.
Any choices.

You must choose now, while there are still peaceful options.
If you do nothing, that is a choice -- to stay on the road we are on now.

The video that started it all.

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