Honoring Their Sacrifice: A Guide to Important U.S. War Veteran Monuments and Memorials

Photo Courtesy: [Acoll123/Getty Images]

Throughout U.S. history, military veterans have devoted their lives to protecting the country. In an effort to remember their courage and dedication, we commemorate their service with holidays and events that recognize and honor veterans and their valuable commitment to upholding freedom. Memorial Day and Veterans Day both serve as occasions to show gratitude for military members past and present. But various statues, sculptures and other public installations also serve as powerful, tangible reminders of the importance of honoring veterans year-round.

In observance of Veterans Day, we���re taking a look at several prominent monuments dedicated to soldiers and servicemembers and their prevailing bravery. These memorials, many of which are spread throughout the nation’s capital, serve as enduring reminders of the contributions and sacrifices veterans have made since the country’s founding.