What Is Chaos Never Dies Day — and How Can It Help You Destress?

“Magnum Chaos,” wood-inlay by Giovan Francesco Capoferri at the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo, based on a design by Lorenzo Lotto. Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

There seems to be a sort of unofficial hierarchy when it comes to holidays. At the top, you've got your handful of federally recognized holidays, like Christmas Day and Juneteenth. Since federal holidays are often widely observed, banks and other office work-driven businesses also tend to shut down.

Of course, there are also state and local holidays that have some regional flare — think Patriots' Day in Boston, Massachusetts, for example — and a slew of holidays that we all seem to celebrate socially, like St. Patrick’s Day, but that don’t amount to time off. And, finally, there are those incredibly random “holidays” — ones that gain traction on social media, like National Deviled Egg Day or World Giraffe Day, but don’t necessarily make it onto your calendar.

One of those obscure holidays that falls somewhere between a social media trend and a day (that's maybe) legitimately tied to celebrations of the past is National Chaos Never Dies Day. Never heard of it? You aren’t alone. Each November 9, folks across the country acknowledge Chaos Never Dies Day, but it remains shrouded in mystery — and not very mainstream. Here, we’re diving into the history of Chaos Never Dies Day and how you can go about marking the occasion.