7 Current Protests Keeping the Labor Movement Alive in 2021

Photo Courtesy: [Tom Williams/Getty Images]

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many truths about society at large. One such revelation involves how employers are treating their employees during this difficult time. Right now, the American worker is battling staff shortages and inventory shortages due to the pandemic. For all their hard work, you’d think they’d be rewarded with hazard pay, promotions and raises for keeping the lights on, especially as many businesses struggle.

Instead, workers are experiencing the opposite: many of them are being exploited and abused. While we may never know the full extent of worker mistreatment going on all over the world, there are labor movements working to shine a light on many of these injustices.

With many companies experiencing labor shortages, the American laborer has not had this much power in quite some time. Now is a great time to present a case for better work conditions, and these six ongoing labor protests are proving it.